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Turmeric Sun Latte

Turmeric Sun Latte

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(l.) - Turmeric Sun Latte

| Herbal Latte | Brew at 75c. w/Coconut Milk. To desired strength.

Delicious Canberra Turmeric Latte

Like a sun rising from the pleasant ocean our turmeric latte brings an illuminating latte ready for delicious consumption. Divine Caffeine free mix best served with coconut milk the elegant turmeric sun latte will indulge your finest sensors.


In a saucepan, add 1 level teaspoon of golden latte and mix to a paste with a small amount of hot water. Add 1 cup of milk and heat, watch the magic come to life.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Sun Latte:

The following ingredients are believed* to have the following benefits:

Organic Turmeric Powder - One of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatories. Also packed with a wide range of health properties including pain relief, immune boosting and detoxifying.
Organic Ginger Powder - Immune Boosting, warming, digestive and anti-inflammatory
Organic Liquorice Powder - To soothe coughs and treat colds and respiratory problems. Used support the liver function and to help reduce body fat
Organic Cinnamon Powder - To improve energy, vitality and circulation and to aid digestion

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