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Tea Subscription Service

Tea Subscription Service

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Tea Subscription Australia

Do you love you're tea ? Would you love a new flavour delivered to your door each month ?

Sign up for our monthly subscription and we will deliver:

  • 50g tea of the month to your door on the 20th of each month
  • Two free sample each month 
  • Monthly tea news letter detailing the origin of the tea, its health and well being benefits, brewing and recipe recommendations and food matching.
  • 20% off our entire range for the duration of your subscription 

You will save:

  • Time and hassle of having to buy teas when you run out 
  • Free delivery as part of our subscription service
  • The stress of going without tea 
  • Plus you will expand your tea horizons 

Choose your own teas each month or be provided our tea of the month.

  • We will also provide you the opportunity to drive what we blend next by incorporating your feedback on the teas into our tea creation strategy for the next month!